About Me

My Approach to Helping You:

I start with a comprehensive and careful evaluation and assessment. This means I spend at least 2 hours reviewing your history and experiences in depth to better understand your background, experiences, and goals.

I believe in responsive, timely, and customized care. You can expect sessions to start and end on time. You can easily reach me through a secure messaging portal, and you will receive prompt responses to any concerns or questions. 

I believe in personalized and high-quality care. Your treatment plan will be designed to fit your specific circumstances, goals, and values, using the most beneficial and advanced interventions available.

I work in a non-judgmental and collaborative manner. I listen to your concerns with compassion and care, and I aim to build a trusting and honest relationship with you. 


I enjoy working with individuals from many backgrounds, and my areas of focus include

My goal is to help all my patients navigate the unique challenges and experiences they face throughout their lives. These may include:

My Approach to Therapy:

In therapy, we will work together to help you create a more authentic and fulfilling life, expand your understanding of yourself, and free you from habituated ways of being. I have specialized training in various modalities including:

I believe that regardless of modality, the most important aspect of therapy is the relationship we build and that therapy must be individualized and collaborative to be effective. My priority is to create a safe and compassionate space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, and to support you as you navigate life's challenges.

My Approach to Medication

When used thoughtfully, medications can be a valuable part of a comprehensive treatment plan. If I think medications can be helpful, I’ll recommend the most beneficial and up-to-date interventions at the lowest dosages effective for you. We'll work together to explore all of the available options, and I’ll provide clear explanations to help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs. 

If you are already in therapy and you are seeking guidance for pharmacotherapy alone, I am happy to collaborate with your therapist to manage your medications.  

Selected Credentials:

Stanford University School of Medicine - Residency Training in Psychiatry

University of California San Diego School of Medicine - Combined B.A./M.D. (Magna cum laude)

Personal Interests:

Rock climbing, performing chamber music, salsa dancing, hiking the Bay Area with my family, and teaching my dog new tricks.

Office: 830 Stewart Drive Suite 127, Sunnyvale, CA

Phone: 510-431-2205 | Fax: 832-318-6276 

Catherine Shir, M.D.